For more information about BMAAT's Youth programs please contact Mr. Dilli at 520-358-0010. BMAAT provides and fully sponsorts its own youth Soccer team, which has attended several interstate tournaments fully funded by our members. We also provide a multi-cultural music and dance program to help our youth adapt to the American way of life. In addition, BMAAT places a strong emphasis on education and publicly recognizes every High School graduate and highly encourages them to further their education at the University level. It is our desire to put a scholarship program in place to be able to support our youth more. BMAAT also provides fun evening events for its youth in order to prevent them from being in the streets without direction.


BMAAT places a strong emphasis on extracurricular activities. We have supported our soccer team through several interstate tournaments, and this year we are looking for a sponsor as we will be traveling up to Tennessee for another Interstate tournament. Please help us get there!